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e-commerce in PACA

Companies of the region participated to e-commerce take-off during the past years.

As we know today, e-commerce success stories are build on strong traditional commerce roots. The regional products whose fame is recognised far beyond the national borders, took advantage of the access to the global market the virtual shop provides.

Several sectors rapidly integrated the on-line booking and payment, all the Hotels located on the French Riviera have their on line booking plateform.
More generally, professionals of the tourist sector as a whole have implemented the tools to facilitate the management of the tourist flow
On the other hand, companies operating on niche markets, or the one that have developed a specific know how have increased their sales on the internet.
Contracts for the establishment of turnkey gas bottling factories have been initiated and negociated on the Net, only signing the contract required a meeting!!

Other initiatives have come to light, craftmen and small production units have shared the cost of a web site development and are now selling on line.

Yann Rotil

... Main Companies

Music Shop and e-shop in France.
Guitars et Bass selection
Guitare Fender
Fender Guitars available on line
Stratocaster, Telecaster, Modern Type models.
> Guitare Fender - From 499,00 euros
Guitare Gibson
Gibson Guitars available on line.
Models : ES335, Explorer, Firebird, Flying V.
> Guitare Gibson - From 334,00 euros
Guitare Ibanez
Ibanez guitars available on line.
Models : California, ES175, ES335, LP...
> Guitare Ibanez - From 227,00 euros
Pack Guitare
Guitars Packs available on line.
> Pack guitare - From 99,00 euros
Basse Ibanez
Ibanez Bass available on line.
> Basse Ibanez - From 238,00 euros

Music Accessories selection
Casques Sennheiser
Sennheiser Headphone available on line.
> Casques Sennheiser - From 17,50 euros
Micro Shure
Shure Microphone available on line.
> Micro Shure - From 35,00 euros
Ampli Marshall
Marshall Amplifier available on line.
> Ampli Marshall - From 44,00 euros
Ampli Hartke
Hartke Amplifier available on line.
> Ampli Hartke - From 79,00 euros
Enceintes Yamaha
Yamaha available on line.
> Enceintes Yamaha - From 341,00 euros
Enceintes JBL
JBL available on line.
> Enceintes JBL - From 341,00 euros
Monitoring Genelec
Genelec Monitoring available on line.
> Monitoring Genelec - From 284,00 euros
Compresseur DBX
DBX Compressor available on line.
> Compresseur DBX - From 199,00 euros
Carte Son M-Audio
M-Audio Sound Card available on line.
> Carte Son M-Audio - From 45,00 euros
Carte Son Digidesign
Digidesign Sound Card available on line.
> Carte Son Digidesign - From 249,00 euros

Pianos/Keyboards selection
Synthétiseur Yamaha
Yamaha Synthesizers available on line.
> Synthétiseur Yamaha - From 299,00 euros
Clavier Maitre M-Audio
M-Audio Master Keyboards (Home Studio) available on line.
> Clavier Maitre M-Audio - From 45,00 euros
Clavier Maitre CME
CME Master Keyboards (Home Studio) available on line.
> Clavier Maitre CME- From 89,00 euros
Claviers Yamaha
Yamaha Keyboards available on line.
> Claviers Yamaha - From 149,00 euros
Clavier Roland
Roland Keyboards available on line.
> Clavier Roland - From 499,00 euros
Clavier Korg
Korg Keyboards available on line.
> Clavier Korg - From 2390,00 euros

Batteries selection
Batterie Roland
Roland Electronic Battery available on line.
> Batterie Roland - From 699,00 euros
Batterie Tama
Tama batteries available on line.
> Batterie Tama - From 541,00 euros
Batterie Yamaha
yamaha batteries available on line.
> Batterie Yamaha - From 495,00 euros
Cymbales Zildjian
Zildjian Cymbals available on line.
> Cymbales Zildjian - From 40,00 euros

Audio Equipment selection
Mixer Allen & Heath
Allen & Heath Mixers available on line.
> Mixer Allen & Heath - From 824,00 euros
Mixage Yamaha
Yamaha Mixers available on line.
> Mixage Yamaha - From 139,00 euros
Platine Numark
Numark Platines Vinyles available on line.
> Platine Numark - From 78,00 euros
Préampli Focusrite
Focusrite Preamplifiers available on line.
> Préampli Focusrite - From 189,00 euros
Mixer DJ Rane
Rane Mixers available on line.
> Mixer DJ Rane - From 419,00 euros
Enregistreur Numérique
Digital recorders available on line.
> Enregistreur Numérique - From 199,00 euros
Ampli Crest
Crest Amplifier available on line.
> Ampli Crest - From 199,00 euros
Ampli Yamaha
Yamaha Amplifiers available on line.
> Ampli Yamaha - From 416,00 euros

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